Do Something You Weren’t Allowed To Do As a Child

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Another easy one this week whilst we all get started … ‘Do something you weren’t allowed to do as a child … just because you now can. Here’s mine this week, no explanation required. As always share how you get on: @life_bulb or use #Lifebulbmoments Share your lifebulb moments on our Facebook page @life_bulb or use #Lifebulbmoments Leave a comment below to let us know how you got on, and if you’ve not already, register on the sidebar to receive … Read More

Surprise Someone

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This week your challenge is simple but very effective. You need to, “Surprise someone” I am going to leave this one pretty vague and let you get creative, needless to say though this should probably be a positive surprise, although we really enjoy a good fright in our family so if your surprise involves a scare that creates laughter, I reckon that’s fair game. An example: This one comes from my sister… I was feeling pretty rubbish last week, a … Read More