Whatever you do, don’t miss the magic!

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This week’s Lifebulb Moment is … Whatever you do, don’t miss the magic! The jobs list was taking over, luckily I’ve caught myself and the bells are now ready to be shaken outside their bedroom door… I have always been a major Christmas fan, even as a twenty something (no longer living at home) I would wake up at 5am and run downstairs…to find everything the same as when I left it the night before but hey you have to … Read More

Spread some ‘ho ho ho’ to someone you don’t know

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This week’s Lifebulb Moment is … Spread some ‘ho ho ho’ to someone you don’t know. We live in a permit only parking area where you don’t enjoy getting back to your car and seeing any sort of item on the windscreen. So this week we decided to spread some Christmas cheer instead and left small bags of magic reindeer food. We focused on those cars with car seats and put a little message on the tag explaining that it … Read More

Start a Christmas Tradition

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This week’s Lifebulb Moment is … ‘Start a new Christmas tradition … or share an established one’ I love Christmas traditions, starting new ones and keeping those you remember from your own childhood. It’s never too early or late to choose new ones or to amend or stop any that no longer work. They can be as simple as a special meal on Xmas eve through to advent bags for the whole of December. They can be completely free like … Read More

Give Something Back

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As much as I enjoy some of the excessives associated with Christmas (food, mulled wine, general merriment and I’ll be honest there is no such thing for me as too much Christmas music) I do find the heavy focus on consumption and the receiving of gifts, particularly with children, quite challenging. Ours are very little right now so we have some control but I realise that once they start school this becomes trickier. I like the idea of doing something … Read More