Be silly, be really silly

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Nothing makes my two laugh more than a fake fall. Once, about two years ago, I played a game of shoe shops with MBK during which I pretended that the shoes I was trying were too slippy and constantly made me fall in a dramatic comedy stylie. Something about it really tickled her and even now she asks to play it. I’ll be honest I do find a fall hilarious myself. Not one where someone is hurt obviously but an … Read More

Invest in Yourself

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… to do so is a direct investment in your family! It was my birthday last week and I spent it doing lots of the things I love most (largely eating) with some of my favourite people. I also decided that I would be doing, well nothing. As a treat to myself, in the spare moments while Hettie slept or I got 10 mins, rather than race around as usual washing up or managing to get three loads of washing … Read More

Step Away from the Technology

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step away

Step away from the technology! Sometimes I feel like my entire day is spent giving attention to our three little people. Not just the mundane stuff like cleaning up the constant mess (how do they make so much) and cooking (I say cooking, in my case more like heating up that which GBK has made previously) but playing, reading, transporting, talking. We spent so much time teaching and encouraging them to talk and now one in particular just doesn’t stop … Read More

Breastfeeding in Public – Stop making it a big deal!

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Following yet another breastfeeding debate recently Char Speak, author of ¬†The Questioning Lady¬†writes a brilliant personal post on how it feels to be a new Mum feeding in public. So before Christmas between Mr Farage and Claridge’s the great public breast feeding debate has come up again. Pre Baby Speak, I was of the opinion that a mum needing to feed her baby in public should do what she needs to and it hasn’t changed since, however I’ve got a … Read More

Best Piece of Parenting Advice

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Let’s be honest the advice comes thick and fast when you have children. From websites to family to strangers in the street, it is apparently fair game to give an opinion. A lady at the checkouts continually told me that my toddler needed strapping into the trolley the other day as I was paying. “Oh she is fine,I’m watching her” I replied, only to be told twice more that I was wrong during the bagging process. My response got a … Read More