Pregnancy discrimination – can anything be done?

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A report by the Equality Commission has today revealed that around 54,000 women a year may face discrimination at work due to pregnancy. It’s a scary statistic but one that at least 50% of the population won’t be surprised about. The website Pregnantthenscrewed has been flooded with stories from women sharing their experiences, ask around any toddler group and you will hear plenty more. The really blatant cases that you read about in the news and then the inherent discrimination … Read More

Meditation during pregnancy and labour

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Who knew that just 10 minutes could have such a positive effect on my labour and pregnancy… During my third pregnancy we were going through some pretty big changes; moving house twice in the space of four months with two children under four. I was 6 weeks pregnant with pretty awful morning sickness (ahh fond memories of throwing up in the sink during bath time) and the accompanying tiredness. For the first time in my life I felt stress affecting … Read More

Lifebulb Moment – Use it now or never!

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So you know the phrase, “Don’t die with champagne in your fridge”? Well we had a few bottles knocking around. Don’t get me wrong this is not normal. These were around from a) our wedding 5 years ago and b) when GBK worked for Majestic Wine, now 10 years ago. Now, I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for what feels like the last century (o.k it has only been half that time) so it is kind of understandable that they … Read More