Breastfeeding – why we should manage expectations!

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So on World Breastfeeding Week I have decided to write about how hard it is when you start breastfeeding. My goal is not to put people off, in fact quite the opposite, I am a huge breastfeeding fan. I write because in hindsight I don’t feel that I was prepared for it being tough, because all the professional advice describes how natural it is, how wonderful, how easy. Lots of this is true of course but not at the beginning … Read More

Lifebulb Moment – Play to your Strengths

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I’ll be totally honest, sometimes I find playing with our children a bit boring. This is normally when the play involves train tracks, Lego and sometimes even the play area of a park. There’s only so long I enjoy pushing a swing and I have no interest in trains. None. I used to feel bad about this fact, surely I should love every moment, I should be grateful for these moments. However, saying that I find it boring doesn’t mean … Read More