Before breastfeeding you need to know this!

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  I can understand why posters in hospitals don’t tell all. Let’s face it, “Breastfeeding – a sure fire way to make your nipples bleed,” isn’t great. But education is not about piling on pressure for women to feed their babies one way, nor just explaining the benefits in isolation. It’s about giving the facts – that sometimes it doesn’t work, that you can decide not to and your baby will be fine, that breastfeeding is indeed amazing and wonderful … Read More

What do I actually want?

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It was my birthday at the weekend and as part of that did exactly what I wanted to do. Hmm not unusual you say, but the thing is I realised that it was. I realised that I spend most of my time saying, “What do you think? What do you want to do? What would work best for the group / family?” None of this is bad of course, making other people happy brings me immense joy and I am … Read More

Guilty Mothers Guide to Work Post Xmas

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Ahh the first day back at work after Christmas. Even if you like your job it can feel grim after time with those you love most so here are a couple of ideas to make it slightly easier… – Plan to do more of what you enjoyed and loved about Xmas all year. Do it now before you forget. We have decided on a monthly family games night, for example and GBK being around in the mornings has been so … Read More