how it started …

Lifebulb started after I experienced first-hand the many challenges associated with going back to work after maternity leave. The practical side, the emotional side not to mention the wider problem of maternity discrimination and the huge lack of flexible working opportunities.

I’d spent my career designing & delivering training for a large corporate and decided to take this knowledge and experience and apply it to an area I felt really passionate about. I’d been there, I got it and I knew that so many employers just weren’t doing enough to support women during this transition. I started running workshops (originally from my own front room) for groups of mums and just found the most amazing results. This developed further and in a bid to also create the community I personally felt was lacking (having just moved to a new area) and provide further opportunities for mothers to focus on themselves and play big at work and home, I then set up Guilty Mothers Club.

Lifebulb remains a personal project of passion, a project which isn’t about profitability but social change, a project that I sincerely hope can make a difference because it we are to achieve gender parity we have to do something about how some working mothers are treated and supported. We have to support more fathers in sharing the childcare, we have to move towards a more flexible working culture which will just be fundamentally better all round.

Through webinars, workshops and our website we want to provide support and advice but also inspiration. This could be around returning to a current role, a new role, applying for flexible working, feeling empowered to try something new or signposting on where to go for help if things don’t go as planned.

We understand the realities but hope that in providing real expertise and development that actually works we can make a difference.

Hello… I’m Helen, founder of Lifebulb. I currently have three little ones under 6 who keep me incredibly busy and make me very happy.

My background is in HR, specifically leadership / talent management and I am passionate about all things development. I always have been – I am fascinated by how people learn and love those moments where things suddenly click into place.

I am an ideas girl, kind of creative, always trying something new. I love whole foods and natural products, I meditate daily and do yoga. I’m always reading, often writing, sometimes crafting. I am a feminist, at times annoyingly positive, a dreamer at heart.

I’ve returned to work after maternity leave twice and also started my own business. It has taken me a few years to get my head around this parenting malarky and find true alignment between work and family. I would never say that the journey is complete, it is ever changing and always will be but I have definitely learnt to relax and have fun along the way.

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