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parenting-adviceLet’s be honest the advice comes thick and fast when you have children. From websites to family to strangers in the street, it is apparently fair game to give an opinion. A lady at the checkouts continually told me that my toddler needed strapping into the trolley the other day as I was paying. “Oh she is fine,I’m watching her” I replied, only to be told twice more that I was wrong during the bagging process. My response got a little less friendly by the third time it has to be said.

Actually I think most of the time our instinct is right if we could only tune into it a little more but only this weekend was I using trusty Google to help with a parenting dilemma yet again (there should be a list of the funniest questions parents have asked Google, I hindsight my, “how do I stop my 3yr old having selective hearing’ was never going to be solved).

However, all that said there are bits of advice that really do resonate,that stand the test of time and in my case become a bit of a mantra. Told to me by a friend (she had it written on a post it note on the fridge during a particularly tricky first few months) it works for me on two levels:
As always, this phase will pass

For when I wonder how I’ll survive on so little sleep but also for when I have all of them happily snuggled / draped on me whilst we watch Frozen (for the 100th time) and I’ve got jobs I should be doing but need reminding to enjoy the moment.

I like the idea of writing down the advice that worked so I can remember it in years to come but I also like the idea of sharing and learning from others too.

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