Can you give the gift of time?

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My brother in law and husband are notoriously difficult to buy for so at their last birthday my sister and I decided to take a different approach. Appreciating the value in experience rather than material objects we proposed a day of shopping, lunch, early evening drinks… basically time on their own. Thing is, when we mooted the idea they were not impressed. “You’re suggesting that our birthday present is the gift of time?” “Yeah, how good is that!?” we replied … Read More

Bryony’s Story

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Guilt.  Massive, crippling, womb-aching guilt.  It’s what being a Mum is all about.  That, and having to drag the Weetabix out of your hair and check you’ve remembered to put your knickers on before you tumble – invariably late – out of the door in the morning. Scrap that.  It’s the hallmark of a working Mum.  Note the absence of the word ‘parent’ here.  My husband somehow manages to rise gloriously late from a bed that I will then make, … Read More

Pip’s Story – Pom poms make me smile!

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Pip Hobman

Before I had my son my work was very important. I had built the business up over almost 10 years and I was proud of what I’d achieved. As the time passed it gathered momentum and I began to love it more and more. I furnished flats and designed and installed show homes for developers, the hours were long and the work was very physical, I often found myself driving to Ikea at 8pm to collect a wardrobe that had … Read More

Celebrate your parenting genius

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Too often we question / doubt / worry about our parenting. Let’s face it this is understandable, it is a flaming mine field. Just as you figure one thing out they are on to something else. So this week is about doing the opposite. Celebrating a piece of your parenting genius – that moment you duped your 3 year old that it was a raisin in your mouth not their leftover Xmas chocolate, a piece of advice that was well … Read More

Try Something New

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A new food (could be a full on dish, style of food or even just a different fruit or veg you’ve never had), a new book, play date venue or keep it low maintenance and just watch something new on TV! It’s so easy to do things the same way as you always have, often without thinking about why, and at times even when these habits aren’t good for us or no longer work. This week I chose to try … Read More

Why it’s well worth ‘Keeping In Touch’

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Legally you are entitled to up to 10 keep in touch or KIT days whilst on maternity or adoption leave without bringing your leave to an end. Some employers are great at encouraging and supporting you in taking up this option, others less so. In this guest post a fellow maternity returner (who wishes to remain anonymous) shares her experience… Guest post – Why it’s well worth keeping in touch So I recently embarked upon a ‘keep in touch’ day … Read More

Be silly, be really silly

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Nothing makes my two laugh more than a fake fall. Once, about two years ago, I played a game of shoe shops with MBK during which I pretended that the shoes I was trying were too slippy and constantly made me fall in a dramatic comedy stylie. Something about it really tickled her and even now she asks to play it. I’ll be honest I do find a fall hilarious myself. Not one where someone is hurt obviously but an … Read More

Invest in Yourself

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… to do so is a direct investment in your family! It was my birthday last week and I spent it doing lots of the things I love most (largely eating) with some of my favourite people. I also decided that I would be doing, well nothing. As a treat to myself, in the spare moments while Hettie slept or I got 10 mins, rather than race around as usual washing up or managing to get three loads of washing … Read More