Is it OK to be a bit selfish? (Integration Part Two)

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So word on the street is that when you have children you can no longer be selfish, right? Those long mornings in bed on a Sunday morning after drinking a bit too much Gin the night before (maybe that was just me?) Doing exactly what you want to do when you feel like it, no-one else to think about, few responsibilities – maybe I stop now before I go back to said Gin. Admittedly some of that (o.k a fair … Read More

Are YOU being complacent about the pay gap?

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  “Why are we so complacent about the pay gap?” asks Lauren Laverne in an article for the Guardian. It is a valid question and Laverne rightly highlights the complacency that can arise when surrounded by a general consensus that something isn’t right. The themes discussed are not new, the stats unsurprising to anyone with even the vaguest interest in gender equality and the benefits of equal pay (for everyone) yet again outlined clearly. The article was good and I … Read More

Goodbye balance, hello integration (part one)

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So I am a big believer in the power of creating integration or ‘alignment’ between the main aspects of life (self, home and work). Stay with me here. It is something I am hugely passionate about and it might sound a little ‘theoretical’ but it actually translates into very real stuff day to day. It is something I have been working on for a few years since having our first baby and it is a journey (sorry a cliche), something … Read More

Getting some Headspace!

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I have been really interested in the concept of Mindfulness for some time now. I think just having children in itself makes you more mindful. On a walk once I remember we stood while Wilf looked at a bumble bee for what seemed to be about half an hour. After a few minutes we started our usual, “come on, keep going” but Wilf was not to be moved, he was absolutely fascinated. This was probably the first time he had … Read More

You and me are we

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When in our early twenties, young and care/ child free, GK bought me a bracelet with the words, “you and me are we” engraved inside. This week in reading an article in the Telegraph “My children hate me going to work so why do I do it?” I was brought back to considering the concept of ‘we’ and what that now meant since we are now actually four (soon to be more). In summary, the author Beverley Turner, questions how happy women … Read More

Claire’s Story

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I’m contemplating my return to work in just under two months’ time after the birth of my second child. Having been there and done that already, you’d think I’d be quite prepared for this transition. However, despite several ‘Keeping in Touch’ days (an excellent idea), many supportive colleagues, and the knowledge that my partner, rather than someone I don’t really know, will be looking after the baby, the idea fills me with dread. I’m intrigued by this dread. I didn’t … Read More

Time to take those first steps

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So I am being indecisive. It’s something I swear has got worse since having children. That, and feeling more nervous about taking risks (though I guess the latter is understandable and potentially constructive).   I have been working on this project now for about 12 months now, maybe a little longer. I have written, read and researched sooo much, spent tons of time talking to people about it and seriously made changes to the website about once a day (my … Read More