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Birth story notes

Birth story notesRecently my Mum gave me this hand written note describing my birth story. It shares all the small details; her hopes and fears and how she felt when I arrived. It is a pretty special thing to have.

With M & W I wrote a blog throughout my pregnancies and for most of their early years.

I have kept memory boxes with first shoes, hair cuts, pictures.

I have video footage of first steps, first words (well kind of) and other milestones.

But over time I forget and miss things. I don’t write my personal blog anymore and sometimes time flies by without any record (well aside from Instagram).

These little people in our lives change so fast and fill me with so much joy that I want to capture it, capture it all. I can’t – obviously. But this months Lifebulb moment is to capture the memory…for those of us who might have forgotten recently. If you haven’t written down your birth story it is never too late. If you want to start a new memory box or photo log then why wait? I now use a pad & pen, which is by my bed. It is kind of a diary but actually I just scribble in it all the time randomly. Small quotes that have made me laugh, how I am feeling. There are loads of apps (I believe – please do share if you know a good one), blogs are still amazing ways to commentate on life, get your proper camera back out? Just find a simple and easy way to capture the memory…I hope we will be glad that we did?

As always share the moment…

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