Spread some ho ho ho (again)

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Spread some ho ho ho to someone you don't know

Last year in December my Lifebulb Moment was to spread some Christmas cheer through completing a random act of festive kindness. For me that meant making up bags of magic reindeer food and leaving on random cars around the area (see link above). Aside from some challenges with the rain (made the label ink run, GBK found me dashing out like a crazy when I found a dry afternoon) and that I got slightly carried away and basically car dropped the … Read More

Lifebulb Moment – See beyond the obvious

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“I’ve found some fallen birds wings” she whispered “Where?” I replied (scared there might be the remains of a cat massacre in the garden) “In my pocket” she continued “Phew. Can I see?” I asked, entering straight into the world of make believe that occupies most of my 4yr old’s time. “Yes but you have to be very quiet” I never fail to be amazed by the imagination and inbuilt curiosity my children have every second of the day. They … Read More

Lifebulb Moment – Do something you loved doing as a child

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Want to tap into your strengths? Want to play more but lost touch with how or where to start? Want to just do something a bit less serious and parent like? Think back to what you enjoyed doing as a child. You know before pressure to conform, time restrictions, money, fear of failure all took hold. It turns out this can be pretty interesting. I have been trying it for the last month and remembered all sorts. Like the family walking … Read More

Lifebulb Moment – Play to your Strengths

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I’ll be totally honest, sometimes I find playing with our children a bit boring. This is normally when the play involves train tracks, Lego and sometimes even the play area of a park. There’s only so long I enjoy pushing a swing and I have no interest in trains. None. I used to feel bad about this fact, surely I should love every moment, I should be grateful for these moments. However, saying that I find it boring doesn’t mean … Read More

Lifebulb Moment – Use it now or never!

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So you know the phrase, “Don’t die with champagne in your fridge”? Well we had a few bottles knocking around. Don’t get me wrong this is not normal. These were around from a) our wedding 5 years ago and b) when GBK worked for Majestic Wine, now 10 years ago. Now, I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for what feels like the last century (o.k it has only been half that time) so it is kind of understandable that they … Read More

Capture the memory…

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Birth story notes

Recently my Mum gave me this hand written note describing my birth story. It shares all the small details; her hopes and fears and how she felt when I arrived. It is a pretty special thing to have. With M & W I wrote a blog throughout my pregnancies and for most of their early years. I have kept memory boxes with first shoes, hair cuts, pictures. I have video footage of first steps, first words (well kind of) and … Read More

Celebrate your parenting genius

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Too often we question / doubt / worry about our parenting. Let’s face it this is understandable, it is a flaming mine field. Just as you figure one thing out they are on to something else. So this week is about doing the opposite. Celebrating a piece of your parenting genius – that moment you duped your 3 year old that it was a raisin in your mouth not their leftover Xmas chocolate, a piece of advice that was well … Read More

Try Something New

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A new food (could be a full on dish, style of food or even just a different fruit or veg you’ve never had), a new book, play date venue or keep it low maintenance and just watch something new on TV! It’s so easy to do things the same way as you always have, often without thinking about why, and at times even when these habits aren’t good for us or no longer work. This week I chose to try … Read More