Guest Post – Making a Mumback

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Mumback post

A brilliant guest blog post by Camilla Hill on returning to work post maternity leave… On Monday I will return to work following my second maternity leave. I would love to breeze through the doors looking confident and stylish, swinging an empty briefcase ready to get stuck straight back in while the team greet me with a standing ovation, a sigh of relief and a welcome back cappuccino. In reality though I am nervous, lack confidence and have zero to … Read More

Claire’s return to work story: part 2

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Claire image x 2

I detailed some of my thoughts about my return to work over a year ago and, my, how time has flown. When Lifebulb asked me to write the sequel, it seemed like a useful exercise in taking stock. I’m pleased to report that the tone of the rest of this post is positive and, I hope, reassuring to those starting the journey back into their former career or a new one after a break to look after children. It has … Read More

Bryony’s Story

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Guilt.  Massive, crippling, womb-aching guilt.  It’s what being a Mum is all about.  That, and having to drag the Weetabix out of your hair and check you’ve remembered to put your knickers on before you tumble – invariably late – out of the door in the morning. Scrap that.  It’s the hallmark of a working Mum.  Note the absence of the word ‘parent’ here.  My husband somehow manages to rise gloriously late from a bed that I will then make, … Read More

Pip’s Story – Pom poms make me smile!

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Pip Hobman

Before I had my son my work was very important. I had built the business up over almost 10 years and I was proud of what I’d achieved. As the time passed it gathered momentum and I began to love it more and more. I furnished flats and designed and installed show homes for developers, the hours were long and the work was very physical, I often found myself driving to Ikea at 8pm to collect a wardrobe that had … Read More

Claire’s Story

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Photo Claire

I’m contemplating my return to work in just under two months’ time after the birth of my second child. Having been there and done that already, you’d think I’d be quite prepared for this transition. However, despite several ‘Keeping in Touch’ days (an excellent idea), many supportive colleagues, and the knowledge that my partner, rather than someone I don’t really know, will be looking after the baby, the idea fills me with dread. I’m intrigued by this dread. I didn’t … Read More