Are YOU being complacent about the pay gap?

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  “Why are we so complacent about the pay gap?” asks Lauren Laverne in an article for the Guardian. It is a valid question and Laverne rightly highlights the complacency that can arise when surrounded by a general consensus that something isn’t right. The themes discussed are not new, the stats unsurprising to anyone with even the vaguest interest in gender equality and the benefits of equal pay (for everyone) yet again outlined clearly. The article was good and I … Read More

You and me are we

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When in our early twenties, young and care/ child free, GK bought me a bracelet with the words, “you and me are we” engraved inside. This week in reading an article in the Telegraph¬†“My children hate me going to work so why do I do it?” I was brought back to considering the concept of ‘we’ and what that now meant since we are now actually four (soon to be more). In¬†summary, the author Beverley Turner, questions how happy women … Read More