Guilty Mothers Guide to Work Post Xmas

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Ahh the first day back at work after Christmas. Even if you like your job it can feel grim after time with those you love most so here are a couple of ideas to make it slightly easier… – Plan to do more of what you enjoyed and loved about Xmas all year. Do it now before you forget. We have decided on a monthly family games night, for example and GBK being around in the mornings has been so … Read More

Ever been to a farm in the rain? Here’s why you should…

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Turns out today was wonderful. It started badly, the pouring rain as we arrived at the farm made me question the decision not to just head for a play centre. Apparently though, farms can be excellent fun in the rain. You see for starters we were pretty much the only fools there. Animal feeding – all to ourselves, we literally fed the entire farm (though I did learn that feeding goats has a limited attention span, mine obviously). Pets corner … Read More

Lifebulb Moment – See beyond the obvious

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“I’ve found some fallen birds wings” she whispered “Where?” I replied (scared there might be the remains of a cat massacre in the garden) “In my pocket” she continued “Phew. Can I see?” I asked, entering straight into the world of make believe that occupies most of my 4yr old’s time. “Yes but you have to be very quiet” I never fail to be amazed by the imagination and inbuilt curiosity my children have every second of the day. They … Read More

Can you give the gift of time?

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My brother in law and husband are notoriously difficult to buy for so at their last birthday my sister and I decided to take a different approach. Appreciating the value in experience rather than material objects we proposed a day of shopping, lunch, early evening drinks… basically time on their own. Thing is, when we mooted the idea they were not impressed. “You’re suggesting that our birthday present is the gift of time?” “Yeah, how good is that!?” we replied … Read More

Invest in Yourself

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… to do so is a direct investment in your family! It was my birthday last week and I spent it doing lots of the things I love most (largely eating) with some of my favourite people. I also decided that I would be doing, well nothing. As a treat to myself, in the spare moments while Hettie slept or I got 10 mins, rather than race around as usual washing up or managing to get three loads of washing … Read More