Try a good listen to make your day

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Ah the ‘listening’ thing comes up so often doesn’t it?!? It is something I have been fascinated in throughout my career and even more so now as a parent. How well do you think you do it? You could be missing so much more than you realise… We have had my sisters boys stay with us for the last few days. 3 boys aged 10 – 14 added to our house of 2 little people (not for much longer, 4 … Read More

Is it OK to be a bit selfish? (Integration Part Two)

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So word on the street is that when you have children you can no longer be selfish, right? Those long mornings in bed on a Sunday morning after drinking a bit too much Gin the night before (maybe that was just me?) Doing exactly what you want to do when you feel like it, no-one else to think about, few responsibilities – maybe I stop now before I go back to said Gin. Admittedly some of that (o.k a fair … Read More

Time to take those first steps

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So I am being indecisive. It’s something I swear has got worse since having children. That, and feeling more nervous about taking risks (though I guess the latter is understandable and potentially constructive).   I have been working on this project now for about 12 months now, maybe a little longer. I have written, read and researched sooo much, spent tons of time talking to people about it and seriously made changes to the website about once a day (my … Read More