course title: Finding balance

A one-off workshop where we will help you to figure out where all your time is going and how to use it more consciously. We’ll discuss the modern day obsession with being busy as well as how the pressure for perfect parenting can drain your energy. We’ll look at which parts of your life feel out of balance currently and share ways to feel more aligned. We also cover tons of practical stuff from getting a clear list of your priorities through to finding tools to help get more organised. Of course all with a group of other mothers who totally get it.

“The workshop helped me to adjust my approach and think about things differently. Gave me the opportunity to focus my thoughts on ME”! (Natasha, PR Mgr)

This workshop covers…

  1. Where is all your time going
  2. How do you realign your time with your priorities
  3. Getting super organised – practical tools and tips to be more effective

This workshop is for you if…

You feel overwhelmed by what you have to achieve in a day, never mind a week or month. You rarely get time for yourself and when you do use it cleaning the bathroom which is about as close as you get to free time. You would quite like to meet some other mothers who don’t think any of the above sounds crazy and want to share solutions to make things better.

what do I get?

  • A 2 hour workshop
  • Professional development but without feeling corporate or formal
  • Meet lots of new amazing mothers
  • A load of supporting tools and resources to use post the workshop
  • Coffee & cake – of course!

book your place…

workshop dates

New dates coming soon, get in touch for details


The beautiful Beehive Mill in Manchester
Beehive Mill
Jersey Street
M4 6JG


£25 per workshop



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