What is the Guilty Mothers Club?

A place where we can invest in ourselves without the guilt.

We run a series of expertly designed, fun and creative workshops on managing your career and organising your entire life with plenty of others in the pipeline. Oh and not forgetting the odd social event. All aimed at inspiring and supporting Mothers to have their own version of ‘it all’ (whatever the hell that means!)

Always welcoming, always collaborative our events are about meeting new people, talking about stuff that is important to us and learning something new. Supporting and inspiring each other to be our true selves.

A fierce belief that when women support other women amazing things can happen. That if mothers were able to fulfil their potential this could make a massive difference to the world.

Oh and it’s a place to ditch the flaming guilt!!!.

Check out the website or get involved on our wonderfully supportive Facebook group why don’t you.

Helen x

We currently have workshops and webinars running online, visit the Guilty Mothers Club website for all the details.

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