Guilty Mothers Guide to Work Post Xmas

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Ahh the first day back at work after Christmas. Even if you like your job it can feel grim after time with those you love most so here are a couple of ideas to make it slightly easier…

– Plan to do more of what you enjoyed and loved about Xmas all year. Do it now before you forget. We have decided on a monthly family games night, for example and GBK being around in the mornings has been so lovely he is gone back looking at ways to work more flexibly.

– Remember we are on the home stretch on the dark nights and mornings front. Things can only get better from here on in
– Think about all the positive things about work: seeing work friends, going to the toilet in peace (that’s right, whatever it takes!!), actually not eating cheese (seriously I’ve climbed, sorry waddled, up a cheese mountain and I’m done)
– New year, fresh start. Whether this be approaching something differently, starting to plan for a change (if you don’t like your job currently, what could you do about it?) or even just a new writing pad makes me happy (though I know this is slightly weird)

– If you are actually looking forward to returning to work (I am sure there are plenty of us out there) not feeling remotely guilty about this fact. I’ll be honest a part of me is, I’m lucky to love what I do and have stuff I want to get started. I also need a break from Lego building for a while, reading Mog’s Christmas has lost it’s initial shine and the fact I am chanting “stick man, oh stick man..” under my breath on repeat tells me perhaps some adult content would be useful. 

Now, if I could just remember how to feed and dress my children by 8.30am again that would be fantastic.
Make today a good day whatever it is you are doing x

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