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invest-in-yourself… to do so is a direct investment in your family!

It was my birthday last week and I spent it doing lots of the things I love most (largely eating) with some of my favourite people. I also decided that I would be doing, well nothing. As a treat to myself, in the spare moments while Hettie slept or I got 10 mins, rather than race around as usual washing up or managing to get three loads of washing done whilst making a phone call whilst doing an online shop, I would do nothing.
It was wonderful. I felt less rushed and calm. I read a magazine, watched some trashy tv and drank (another) hot cup of tea.

I’m not suggesting that every day can be like this, for one thing our house wouldn’t function if it was, but perhaps more days can include an element of this. After all, I do a lot to keep this family functioning but how much do I do to keep me functioning?

I had chatted to a friend about this earlier in the week. Lifebulb will soon be running some workshop-type classes (don’t like either of these words, ideas on what else we could call them?)and I was talking passionately about how beneficial they will be for parents both pre and post a return to work but noting that it will be a challenge to encourage parents to devote the time and/or spend money on themselves. Women who, before having children might have thought nothing of getting a manicure or buying a new top for a night out now do anything but. Suddenly now they are in more need of a treat, some time to stop and think or a little relaxation.

I am generalising, I know that for many money is an obstacle, particularly on maternity leave and time can be so very hard to find. But in some ways that just reinforces the need for the classes in the first place.

GBK and I regularly have the conversation about finding time to exercise and have to keep reminding ourselves that this is a priority to keep us healthy and alive. Our children will benefit from us being alive longer far more than if we play another game of hungry hippos right now. And that’s if we should need to focus on the importance to our children and not just ourselves to make it happen.

Another friend recently summed it up well: you are the CEO of your company, investment in yourself is a direct investment in your family.

If you already do this then full credit, you will no doubt be feeling the benefits. If, like me, you do it sporadically then have a go at doing it more this week and check out how it feels.

My husband noticed just how excited I was about my birthday this year. It is probably true that I was bit more giddy than normal; life is hectic, often a bit disorganised and I definitely have hard days without patience (or sleep). Generally though, for so many reasons I won’t go into here, I am happier than ever. Now I’d say a bit more time to myself would be the icing on the cake – however thinking about it icing is optional. Cake is still good without. Investing in myself is like flour in a cake, or maybe a raising ingredient…or maybe this analogy just isn’t working.

I’ll go back to reading my magazine, can’t argue with that!

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