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I’ll be totally honest, sometimes I find playing with our children a bit boring. This is normally when the play involves train tracks, Lego and sometimes even the play area of a park. There’s only so long I enjoy pushing a swing and I have no interest in trains. None.


I used to feel bad about this fact, surely I should love every moment, I should be grateful for these moments. However, saying that I find it boring doesn’t mean that I don’t like to watch them play or appreciate how lucky I am. There is so much play that I love – a good walk, an explore, role play, reading, drawing, crafting, creating anything in fact – dens, small worlds, you name it. Ask my husband to do some messy play however and you’ll find him with something else to do. Lego probably.

We’re all different, we all have our strengths and I think it is useful to know what these are and play to them. It is worth noting that what you enjoy and what you are good may not be the same. Often this comes naturally but sometimes it is worth taking a moment to consider when you are happiest playing and tapping into it. After all when you combine what you are good at with what you enjoy the results are pretty special.

So this month take note of when you are having so much fun playing that you lose track of time, those moments that you are fully engrossed, in your ‘flow’. Then consider how you can do this more. I also found it useful to think about the stuff I enjoy doing without children that can be transferred across (within reason, for the record GBK craft ale tasting never falls into this category).

So this month you’ll find me teaching our littles some basic Yoga moves (these ace cards are worth a look by the way). How about you?

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