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“I’ve found some fallen birds wings” she whispered
“Where?” I replied (scared there might be the remains of a cat massacre in the garden)
“In my pocket” she continued
“Phew. Can I see?” I asked, entering straight into the world of make believe that occupies most of my 4yr old’s time.
“Yes but you have to be very quiet”

I never fail to be amazed by the imagination and inbuilt curiosity my children have every second of the day. They question everything, they wonder about so much and they believe.
As adults I think we know better, we often see things for what they are rather than what they could be. For children I don’t think this is just because they don’t know the correct name for something or understand. I think it is because they see beyond the obvious. A stick can become a sword, a towel an Elsa cloak, sycamore seeds fallen wings (in case your adult brain was wondering).

So this month the challenge is to give it a try. Just changing the word ‘is’ to ‘could be’ is all it takes. Look for ‘an answer’ rather than ‘theIMG_7113 answer’. Consider ‘one way’ of doing something rather than ‘the way’. Perhaps when playing at home or at work.

Try it for a day and see how it feels, does anything change??

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