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So you know the phrase, “Don’t die with champagne in your fridge”?
Well we had a few bottles knocking around. Don’t get me wrong this is not normal. These were around from a) our wedding 5 years ago and b) when GBK worked for Majestic Wine, now 10 years ago.


Now, I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for what feels like the last century (o.k it has only been half that time) so it is kind of understandable that they haven’t been knocked back. However, I am also a bit of a hoarder. A bit of a, “ooh no let’s save it, this moment is not quite special enough”.

So last week we opened one. What were we celebrating? Being alive. Being healthy. Being together (we shared it with 2 of our favourite people). It was kind of refreshing (not the champagne, truth be told I think it was past its best – yet another reason not to save good alcohol). It was living for the moment, it felt kind of liberating. So I have since taken the phrase and applied it elsewhere.

That beautiful body lotion saved for a night out (hence it is still very full) – now slathering it on to go to the park. I smell sooo good on the slide.

The best clothes for the littles that I saved for special occasions  (meaning they are worn about once before they don’t fit, bizarre now I think about it) – on every weekend.

I am not suggesting devaluing or being reckless with things that are special or valuable for whatever reason, but it would be a real shame to not experience and enjoy these things while you can.

So, this month, try it out. It might be using / eating / drinking something or even doing that thing you have had on your mind for sometime.

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