a directory of great resources …

We’ve pulled together a directory of some of the best resources available and have created some of our own too. Everything from book reviews and factsheets to podcasts, videos and links to other websites, all split between three categories …

Self – covering confidence, personal brand and general inspiration.

Work – what next/knowing your strengths, starting your own business, returning to work and flexible working.

Home – covering time management and mindfulness.



A website with a self belief visioning exercise plus other links to personal change exercises.

Although I found it a little strange to do it, this actually worked quite nicely. I like the idea of doing some amends to the script they suggest to focus on where you are doubting yourself and make it personal. I am a fairly big believer in visioning after I used it to get over a sudden fear of presenting!

tempscreenMind Tools

A website focusing on everything development.

It has a tool to test how self confident you are followed up with ideas and resources to improve confidence. There are elements you pay for but lots that are free and pretty good!

workbookicon3 simple tasks for confidence

A workbook containing 3 simple tasks you can do to work on your confidence.

Focuses primarily on building confidence back up after maternity leave. Register with us by clicking here and we will let you know when this one is added to the site.

personal brand…

workbookiconAspire – Trailblazing Women

An inspirational foundation which aims to positively impact the lives of women and provides all things leadership.

It gives some useful advice on raising your profile. And we agree with the whole philosophy of the foundation and think founder Sam Collins is pretty amazing.


Website of Jennifer Holloway, speaker, coach and expert on all things personal brand.

Spark works with big organisations and executives on all things personal brand but there are some good tips and reading that can be of benefit to anyone on the website and blog. Personal branding is explained clearly and there is a free ‘personal brand audit’ to check out your brand (more suited to those working but useful thinking none the less).

Ted Talk – Amy Cuddy

TED talk by Amy Cuddy on body language.

Really interesting, funny and quick way to review your own body language. Useful when you might be trying to ‘cover up’ that left over baby bump or ‘slot quietly’ back in to the workplace after a period away.

Revisiting your brand after becoming a parent

Worksheet/video on revisiting your brand after becoming a parent.

We are currently trialing out some activities that can help with brand during the transition of returning to work after parenthood. When we are happy that they work and can make a difference we will let you know. Register with us by clicking here and we will let you know when this one is added to the site.

general inspiration…

Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

Some inspiration and interesting debate in a book of partial autobiographical nature.

I found this book to be a good read despite some preconceived views on how relevant and applicable it would be to my life.

Guardian Life and Style – Women

Women section of the Guardian newspaper life and style section.

One of my favourite places for general comment and news on women’s issues.

Woman’s Hour

The podcast of Woman’s Hour on Radio 4.

If I don’t manage to line up a car journey (so the kids sleep) with a Costa drive-thru at 10am on weekday mornings I still listen to any that are of interest.


A non profit organisation commited to spreading ideas through short powerful talks.

If you are yet to discover Ted then you are in for a treat. Too much good stuff on there to even start summarising. Just make sure you have half an hour before you start browsing or you will be sucked right in.


A global organisation that ‘champions the advancement of women’.

You do need to be a member to access lots of the resources and info on this site but saying that it is always worth a quick look as some things are free.

what next / knowing your strengths…


An inspirational foundation which aims to positively impact the lives of women and provides all things leadership.

Have a read about women trailblazing and making a difference if you need some general inspiration. Then this is a good article on creating a vision when thinking about what next. If you are the visual type! Or you could collect and create a box of things that represent your vision or even do a video/put music and narrative to it?


Website all about fun!

O.k so we werent’ sure where this sat but love the idea of music stairs (look at the video on the front page). What makes life fun for you? How much fun do you have currently? What would work being fun look like? Exploring this topic can be a good starting point for what you want to do next, after all who wants to do anything that isn’t fun?

Strengths Revolution – Andy Woodfield

A great personal and straightforward introduction to strengths.

Andy Woodfield talks in a relaxed and honest style about Strengths. If you don’t know what is meant by Strengths this is a good place to start.


Scholary article introducing the concept of ‘strengths’ in a a work environment.

For those of you who like to read about theory and research.

starting your own business…


Website for those between 16-30. This is a good site to look over for entrepreneurs – free business advice and funding.


Mentoring directory for business.

Online business mentoring directory (note you do need to sign up for marketing to be involved. I haven’t tried this one personally).


Government funded website.

Great site focusing on starting up your own business – supporting new ideaas and giving advice on growing your business.


Networking and learning site for women in business.

Primarily in the South.


Website and community.

Describes itself as ‘community of business women’, good idea for networkingh and self development when you are a sole trader. Haven’t tried it but think the concept is a good one.

returning to work…


A useful site largely focused on a jobs board connecting women and jobs.

A career toolkit section and some good advice on returning to work.


Website and community of parents.

National site which has a work section again focusing on maternity rights and work based issues.


Website and community of parents.

A useful career section with advice on returning to work and starting a business plus more detail around childcare.


A great government funded organisation.

Great site with loads of useful info on requesting flexible working, childcare benefits and your rights.


An organisation devoted to preventing and resolving employment disputes.

Info and advice on work based problems. Good free advice line for legal queries around returning to work as well as fact sheets on best practice.


National child birthing charity.

Online guidance docs and research (including one that can be used with your employer) on returning to work, as well as useful service to get your flex working application checked over.

Government website on maternity

Government site including all legislation on maternity.

Government guidance on legal side of maternity leave. Doesn’t make easy or light reading but useful for factual and accurate info.


Read latest research on pregnancy, discrimination and useful resources particularly around flex working etc within their #worksforme campaign


A charity campaigning for equality around pregnancy and early years.

Another free advice line though I think mainly on knowing your rights around maternity leave (haven’t tried it personally). good ethos.

working part time / flexible working…

Flexible Working

The Lifebulb’s onestop resource on all things Flexible Working.

Our guide to flexible working. Includes links to other great websites (for understanding your legal rights etc), questions to switch on your thinking and suggestions for how to make it work. Can be printed out or read online.

<Click here to access – members only but it’s free to join!>


Coaching on branding/flexible working, focused on women.

A great free resource called ‘The 7 secrets of successful flexible work” as well as 1-2-1 coaching available. I heard Rebecca speak at a conference and really liked her style.


Business leaders demonstrating how job sharing can be a financially viable option for businesses.

There isn’t a great deal out there on job sharing and this site does have some useful resources on setting up a job share and creating a business case.

Job Sharing

A simple guide to ‘making it work’ with real life experiences. Coming soon.

We are collating some real life stories where it has worked and top tips on making it work, alongside some suggested activites and reading. If you are part of a successful job share and would like to be involved then please get in touch.



Amercian organisation commited to supporting creating an ‘integrated life’.

First heard of this organisation some time ago and it was this amongst other things that sparked my thinking and our journey to find a ‘new way’ to live. Have a read and you will see what I mean.

Reviewing your time

Worksheet on ‘reviewing your time’ and time log diary with guidance notes.

Sounds a bit dull but I promise you it is both an enlightening and useful activity for anyone struggling to find hours on the day. Have a go and do let us know what you found…

The Overwhelm – Brigid Shulte

Book on time management.

There is so much reading and research out there on time management, this is one of my favourites.

168 Hours – Laura Vanderkam

Book on time management.

There is so much reading and research out there on time management, this is one of my favourites.

Talk from Andy Puddicombe on mindfulness

When was the last time you spent 10 minutes doing nothing?

Useful introduction to slowing down and understanding mindfulness.


Mindfulness app.

You can try the Take 10 version for free, I now subscribe monthly and find it really useful.


Parenting website – Mindful living, effortless style.

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