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be_sillyNothing makes my two laugh more than a fake fall. Once, about two years ago, I played a game of shoe shops with MBK during which I pretended that the shoes I was trying were too slippy and constantly made me fall in a dramatic comedy stylie.
Something about it really tickled her and even now she asks to play it.

I’ll be honest I do find a fall hilarious myself. Not one where someone is hurt obviously but an embarrassing incident makes me roar.

Granny toppled off her camp chair at a family picnic last year (her plastic glass of prosecco remaining unspilt) and it is making me laugh again now just writing about it (must be a family trait because no one could help for laughing).
Anyhow I digress.

Sometimes I don’t feel like being silly. You know when I am knackered and they are whining and I can’t put a cup down in the kitchen because there are no surfaces that aren’t filled with dirty dishes. But actually being silly is good in lots of ways. It can lighten the mood and stop the whining. It can be really good fun. It can feel kind of liberating, I think because as adults we are expected to be sensible most of the time. Perhaps for this reason for some of us it can feel hard to let go and be silly but if your last comedy fall was in the 90’s I’d say give it a go – even if you have to fake it at first.

On a walk recently we were about ten mins away from the car when MBK started to drag her legs and complain she was too tired to go on. In a bid to encourage further participation I pretended my whole body had turned to jelly and ran ahead shouting “oh no, I’ve turned into a jelly monster” only to turn the corner and bump into a guy walking his dog. He looked at me like I was crazy, in fact after he’d passed (and I had toned it down a bit) I caught him looking back again at us like, what the hell. If we didn’t have kids I guess I might have looked even crazier (not that I think this should stop you) but kids give you a free pass to silliness. They inspire it, they allow it and they love it!

And it is so good for the soul.

So this week your challenge is to be silly, really silly, whatever and wherever you fancy.

Obviously if you could share how this pans out then that would make my day even funnier too…

As always share how you get on …

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