Spread some ho ho ho (again)

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Spread some ho ho ho to someone you don't know

Last year in December my Lifebulb Moment was to spread some Christmas cheer through completing a random act of festive kindness. For me that meant making up bags of magic reindeer food and leaving on random cars around the area (see link above). Aside from some challenges with the rain (made the label ink run, GBK found me dashing out like a crazy when I found a dry afternoon) and that I got slightly carried away and basically car dropped the entire region, it was really good fun.

I am all ready to get back into the Christmas spirit and this year will be getting our littles involved too. I think it is really important to help them to understand the spirit of giving and kindness and hopefully this will be a fun and creative way to do it.Spread some ho ho ho to someone you don't know

I will update my blog post once I have done the deed but until then, if you want to join in that would be ace. I would love to hear what you do, comment below, post on the FB page or on Instagram life_bulb and #spreadsomehohoho or #lifebulbmoments

Think like a child, believe and spread some magic….


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