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traditionThis week’s Lifebulb Moment is …

‘Start a new Christmas tradition … or share an established one’

I love Christmas traditions, starting new ones and keeping those you remember from your own childhood.

It’s never too early or late to choose new ones or to amend or stop any that no longer work. They can be as simple as a special meal on Xmas eve through to advent bags for the whole of December.

They can be completely free like reading a particular story or watching a classic film or involve a bit of spending like new Xmas jammies or making a special family Xmas recipe.

 Most importantly they promote family unity and create special memories. If you are interested in people and want to get to know someone better then ask them about their individual Christmas traditions and what they mean to them.

hamWe have a few already in our family, like the Boxing Day ham, egg and chips (my husband and brother-in-law are in charge of this and start discussing the glaze about two months before, they take it very seriously). It has almost overtaken Christmas dinner as our favourite meal. GBK has started a new one this year which is a Yule log baking activity.

I like the idea of keeping a few just for me and GBK. We have always had a candlelit ‘treaty’ buffet tea on Xmas Eve but I love the idea of a themed stocking each year or a gift around planning in 12 date nights. We used to buy each other advent calendars and although I’m o.k. that some things have stopped since we’ve had children it is important that we keep others.


I’m so up for new ones and here are a few good places to look for inspiration:

The Imagination Tree – 50 Family Christmas traditions, magical ideas

Growing A jeweled Rose – Make Christmas magical for kids

Crazy Little Projects – Countdown to Christmas


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