workshops testimonials …

Kerry-photo-smallKerry, Assistant Head, Greater Manchester.

The sessions have been an integral part of my successful return to work and I am very grateful to Helen for this. She also provides delicious cakes and biscuits! I would 100% recommend this process to anyone about to return or recently returned to work following maternity leave.

Helen is warm, positive, insightful and supportive facilitator who coaches and coaxes you into seeing the best in yourself. She provides you with the prompts to think and speak openly in a supportive, non-judgmental and encouraging environment.

Devoting the time and space to think about my changed roles and responsibilities since becoming a mum, has helped me to try  to reflect, balance and prioritise. The resources and tools were really useful to support me in continuing to reflect and practice good habits after the sessions.

Charlotte-photoNatasha, Publicity Manager, ITV.

Lifebulb provided a thought provoking and stimulating workshop, which has enabled me to address the balance and my thinking before returning to work.

It’s led by Helen, who is great at making people feel at ease. She has vast experience of managing her own career alongside motherhood and has excellent knowledge in what she specialises in.

The workshops provide individuals with the tools and thinking space to enable them to successfully plan and achieve balance within their lives upon returning to work. The give practical advice, which is easy to implement, even in the busiest of lives.

It’s a relaxed and open workshop, with clear structure.

I’d absolutely recommend Lifebulb to close friends and other mums.

CharlotteCharlotte, HR Manager, Leeds.

Going back to work is a huge cocktail of emotions. There’s leaving the baby, leaving the home, figuring out what has happened at work, balancing your roles, the change to your partner, financial changes if you go back part-time – financial changes full-stop actually thanks to nursery fees!

What Lifebulb can do for someone is bring all of those true and untrue thoughts and fears out of your brain and turn them into a discussion that makes them much less monster like. You still have to go away and figure out what you want to do and how you’re going to tackle what lies ahead, but you immediately feel like you’re not alone, someone else has been there, and guess what … they survived!

Anonymous, Manchester.

The program really made me think – asked powerful questions that made me stop and think about something else than what time it was and when was the next feed due – although the feed part is 100% more important than anything else – I realised I needed to have some time for me again (without feeling like I was failing on my mum duties!)

Would I recommend it? Yes, YES! Do it before you go back. I was around five months into my maternity leave and thought my return was so far ahead it wouldn’t matter, but it did.  It prepared me for those informal catch-ups and to start planning things like nursery and family arrangements well in advance.

Kate, Accounts Manager, Manchester

The workshops have given me more confidence. After the workshops I met with my bosses to inform them I wanted to return on a part time basis. Attending the workshops enabled me to cement in my mind on what basis I wanted to go back and what I would be happy to compromise on and not, to be less nervous about having the conversation, to stand my ground. If I hadn’t attended the workshops I would have been less calm before the meeting and in all likelihood would have agreed to working an extra day so that I didn’t feel I’d let work down, rather than prioritising myself and doing what is best for me and my family.

Anonymous, Manchester

The sessions were a huge help to me and came at a really critical time for me as the option of redundancy was on the table. They helped me work through the various options and gave clarity to my thought process of a return to work or not.