Whatever you do, don’t miss the magic!

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This week’s Lifebulb Moment is …

Whatever you do, don’t miss the magic!


The jobs list was taking over, luckily I’ve caught myself and the bells are now ready to be shaken outside their bedroom door…

I have always been a major Christmas fan, even as a twenty something (no longer living at home) I would wake up at 5am and run downstairs…to find everything the same as when I left it the night before but hey you have to live in hope.

I ask GBK to do me a stocking, look forward to the big night of present wrapping and our family have what is known as the ‘entertainment committee’ we take games over the Christmas period so seriously. I am of course on the latter.

So I was a bit disappointed to realise that this Christmas I have turned a bit ‘adult like’. We are hosting for the first time and it is all about food shopping, table size, finding extra chairs and timings. Dare I say it but responsibility is in danger of bursting my child-like Christmas bubble.

I’ve started to understand why parents can forget to enjoy it, does it happen to us all this growing up thing? For years I have looked forward to Christmas with children of our own, fellow believers if you will. Last night in bed as we were just about to go to sleep I started this conversation with GBK (this I believe is a female thing – starting a big conversation just as your other half is about to go to sleep, I think it might be something to do with the fact they can’t escape?) Why was whether we bought sausages from the butchers or the supermarket (the former obviously preferable but then we need to wrap up our own pigs) coming higher on the priority list than how I planned to whip our children into a frenzy on Christmas eve. Worse, I almost considered not whipping them into a frenzy and getting another year of an easy bedtime. I have been doing this role for years as an Aunty, I can’t believe that now I have the chance to take it up another level I am becoming all sensible (don’t worry I have caught myself in time and the bells are now on standby to be shaken softly outside their bedroom door).

Meditation has been brilliant at helping me to live in the moment more this year and Christmas should be no exception, so here are a few things I am going to do:

– Limit my camera use, particularly on my phone. Of course we want memories and to capture the moment but sometimes by photographing too much I think you can actually miss being in the moment.
– Limit my phone use generally – I am not hugely bad for this I don’t think but I am super lucky that everyone and everything most important to me will be around over the Christmas period, I don’t need to keep checking it
– Be kinder to myself – we have a 2 month old baby, expectations are pretty low so I’m thinking as long as there is something hot on the table it will be a result
– Just keep topping up drinks and no-one will notice anyway
– Laugh. Lots. Some stats claim that children laugh up to 300 times a day and that this is a whole lot more than adults. Laugh when they get up at 4am, laugh when we realise actually we probably did need to do the food shop a little earlier and haven’t now got any meat (don’t worry family this won’t happen, I do appreciate that telling you to notice the magic won’t cut it on Christmas day when we are eating beans), laugh when you have to make polite conversation (fake laugh, surely that counts?)

Notice the magic that happens with children – on their faces, in the things they ask you (does Santa have a willy or lady bits was a highlight this week – it may have been due to a rude version of a song I inappropriately sang to our under 4’s in the car for my own amusement. I’m not proud). In the way they respond to other people, the way they don’t notice or have any care for time constraints, the way every cardboard box is a den waiting to be built.

Whatever you do, don’t miss it, especially not for a dull jobs list!

Stop questioning whether they have (delete as appropriate) enough / the right / equal quantities of presents. This is really not the point.


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